Critical Acclaim

"There was a sense of confidence in nearly every phrase of LaGruth’s interpretation, a complete security in where the work has been and where it was headed. The musicians were clearly devoted to his vision and played for all they were worth."
The Asbury Park Press, Asbury, New Jersey
"Conductor Anthony LaGruth brought crisp definition, dramatic sensitivity, and stylishly flexible tempos to the score." (Rigoletto)
San Antonio Express-News, San Antonio, Texas
"The orchestra, the young soloist, and the last minute conductor all responded to the potentially difficult situation, fitting together precisely to present a magnificent performance. Mr. LaGruth came through in a crisis. His rapport with the young audience was nothing less than amazing."
West Essex Tribune, Livingston, New Jersey
"Music Director Anthony LaGruth conducted in a relaxed style that allowed the singers to execute their florid lines comfortably. The orchestra responded well and the lightness on stage was echoed in the pit."
Opera Japonica
"The conductor, Anthony LaGruth, lifted his baton and delivered a thrilling Gershwin overture that sounded great."
From the Mezzanine and Moore / Oscar E. Moore
"The guest conductor, Anthony LaGruth…displayed control, musicality, and a deep level of involvement with the music, from the first note of the concert to the last. He conducted in a strong, clear, and effective manner."
Acala Park Gazette, La Jolla, California
"Worth plaudits is the new Music Director, Anthony LaGruth. This bright young conductor brings dynamic excitement to the (Garden State) Philharmonic podium. The old saying 'a new broom sweeps clean' was never truer; this conductor’s broom swept his audience off their feet."
The Asbury Park Press, Asbury, New Jersey
"Anthony LaGruth led the orchestra with subtlety and a refined sense of style. He let the orchestra loose in Kahchaturian’s Sabre Danse yet had great control when needed. He did a fine job of shaping phrases and led with great spirit throughout the performance."
The Ellsworth American, Ellsworth, Maine